15 Gorgeous Plants to Beautify Your Lawn and Garden

Everyone knows that plants are integral to the health of a garden, but many people don’t know which plants to choose in order to create a beautiful and vibrant space. This article will provide 15 suggestions for plants that will add life and color to any outdoor area. From flowering plants to evergreens, these lovely plants are sure to brighten up any lawn or garden!

15 Golden plant suggestions for beautiful gardens

1. Solar Power Foamy Bells

Gold-colored bells are more likely to glow in the sun than other varieties, but they need protection from harsh afternoon rays for they absorb more sunlight than other golden colored foam bells and harsh rays may damage and stunt their growth. When grown at their optimum temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher (depending on variety), these plants will stay lime green with splashes of red leaves that get darker as night falls and lightens again before dawn.

What We Love Most: These sun-loving plants can be found growing all across New England, into South Dakota. They’re so reliable and tough that they even impressed Plant Guru Allan Armitage when he grew them in his Georgia garden!

2. Bengal Tiger Canna Lily

The Bengal Tiger is a beautiful and hardworking plant that can be grown indoors or out. It has large, 6ft tall, green leaves with creamy yellow stripes on them that gives them their gold look. In addition to maroon edging near their border which gives it an amazing look when displayed properly!

What We Love Most: The midsummer orange blooms are a nice touch, but grow this flower primarily for the stunning foliage it will yield.

3. Sun King Japanese Spikenard

The Sun King is a bold and bright plant that will command your attention from its massive throne in the garden. Place it sunny or shady, giving this golden beauty just hours of sun each day to take over as king!

What We Love Most: The flower has a tropical and exotic look that stands out in almost every climate it is planted in.

4 Isla Gold Tansy

Lacy yellow leaves form a gorgeous fluffy mound in full sun to part shade the garden. Flat-topped golden blooms appear by late summer, and this variety is less invasive than common species! But like other tansy plants it can be poisonous if ingested so keep your distance from children or animals who might accidently eat them.

What We Love Most: With its aromatic foliage, the Isla Gold Tansy is a great deer repellant.

5. Pineapple Sage

The bright chartreuse leaves of the pineapple sage will turn stunning gold in full sun, but if you want it even more intense than that then try planting them near some natural sunlight. The flowers are just perfect for feeding butterflies and migrating hummingbirds because they appear late summertime when these visitors come looking to feed on nectar!

What We Love Most: When you crush the leaves of this plant it produces a delectable pineapple scent

6. Designer Genes Hosta

Over the years, I’ve grown a lot of hosta leaves. Some turn golden in cool fall weather while others have bright colors that come alive when they’re exposed to morning sun or afternoon shade during summertime hours–but there is one type you should absolutely never miss! This particular variety has been known as “The Designer Genes” because its beauty can’t be matched by any other plant on your garden center’s shelf.

What We Love Most: It has red petioles (the stalks that hold the leaves)

7. Kate Spiderwort

Sweet Kate is a flower with short blooms that last for just one day. It’s not uncommon to see this plant covered in bouquets of its gorgeous purple-blue petals, radiant gold leaves and sleek branches during summertime!

What We Love Most: The flower is very easy to care for since its very low maintenance and is perfect for beginner gardeners.

8. Arkansas Blue Star

In early spring, when the first bloom of the Arkansas blue star appears on its thin leaves after a short period of time it’s quite beautiful. The flower has petals that are pale pink in color and form an elegant shape similar to stars which cause people who see them for themselves to feel as if they have been transported into space just looking at this plant! These flowers last only one day but what makes their beauty so special is how amazing each individual blossom looks against Mother Nature’s perfect backdrop.

What We Love Most: Low maintenance and is a natural deer repellent.

9. Guilty Pleasure Toad Lily

The Guilty Pleasure Toad Lily is a tropical plant that thrives in moist soil with shade to part sun. The golden leaves of this oval-shaped iris emerge from early spring and then soften as the year progresses, making it perfect for your garden!

What We Love Most: The toad lily is a beautiful flower that appears in late summer and fall. It has an orchid-like appearance with its wide petals, which make it stand out among other plants on your garden patio or landscaping project!

10. Everillo Sedge

Sedges are a perfect choice for sunny, well-drained soils. They thrive in part shade and can be grown as container plants too! Try its Irish relative Evergold or Everest, it will have a bright impact when planted in your home; also try Bowles Golden Sedge (Carex Elata).

What We Love Most: This plant is great because you can grow it in almost any conditions. It starts off lime green but soon ripens to gold!

11. Marsh Marigold

Marsh marigolds are a beautiful wildflower that grows in wetland areas. They have giant buttercup-like flowers with light green leaves and can grow up to 18 inches tall under full sun or dappled shade of trees at the edge nearest water source which makes them easily recognizable even if you’re not sure what type of plant it is!

What We Love Most: Prone to wet soils, this plant is rabbit and deer resistant.

12. Bonfigure

Bonfigure is a member of the euphorbia family and features yellow flowerlike bracts that start to appear in late spring. This plant’s mounds do well when growing under conditions where they are not afraid or ashamed about their lack-of water needs, though this plant does require at least six hours worth of direct sunlight each day.

What We Love Most: The leaves of this plant change color to burgundy by midsummer and remain that way into late fall.

13. Jerusalem Sage

The large leaves of this Mediterranean plant make it an attractive choice for borders. It’s easy to grow in full sun or light shade and prefers well-drained soil that is free from excess moisture at all times, which helps keep the roots healthy so they’ll continue producing new flowers year after year!

What We Love Most: The leaves of this plant change color to burgundy by midsummer and remain that way into late fall.

14. Winter Aconite

The winter aconite is a hardy plant that prefers full sun or light shade. It produces fragrant flowers before fading away in late springtime, and the tubers can be planted to naturalize over time if they’re healthy enough for this type of landscaping treatment!

What We Love Most: Winter aconite is perfect for rock gardens and borders, under shrubs along walkways.

15. Lenten Rose

The sunshine yellow flowers of this Lenten rose welcome spring. It prefers rich, moist soil and does well in a container as long as you keep it full to overflowing with fresh potting mixture every few weeks or so; cut back old or damaged leaves to promote healthier growth later on!

What We Love Most: This beautiful plant is low maintenance and will thrive in areas that have large, deciduous trees.

Final Thoughts on 15 Gorgeous Plants to Beautify your Lawn or Garden

Adding plants to your garden or lawn can be a great way to improve its appearance and make it more welcoming. From flowering plants to evergreens, these 15 golden plants are sure to brighten up any outdoor space! If you’re looking for low-maintenance plants that are resistant to deer and rabbits, this list has you covered. So why not add a few of these beauties to your yard today? If you have any questions or would like some expert opinions on your lawn, contact your local lawn care professionals.

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