3 Uses for Custom Rubber Stamps

While rubber stamping is a great way to organise a stack of documents efficiently, the uses for rubber stamps stretch far beyond that of simple document processing. From decoration to a seemingly endless list of fun home DIY projects, the way you use rubber stamps is only limited by your imagination. In this blog post, Dial A Stamp will go over three uses for custom rubber stamps – some of which you may already be familiar with, and others that could give you ideas for your next project or creative outlet.

 Certifying Documents

Easily the function that most people associate rubber stamping with is that of document certification, authorisation and organisation. Stamps are a great way for individuals and businesses to categorise their documents as well as get through signing and certifying large stacks of critical documents in a timely and efficient manner. If you’re looking for an easier way to certify or sign your documents that grants superior efficiency over manually signing your signature by hand, you may want to consider giving rubber stamping a try.

Personalising Anything

When it comes to personalisation and decoration of various homewares, rubber stamping makes the possibilities almost endless. Stamping allows you to add a personalised touch to cards for special occasions, organise and categorise your personal journals, and even create personalised bookmarks for yourself or a friend. Rubber stamping is a popular hobby because of the wide variety of projects it allows you to enjoy, and quite often, once you start, it’s almost impossible to stop.

 Sealing Important Documents

Rubber stamping is an affordable and easy way to stamp seal any important or sensitive documents you may need to send. A custom stamp seal acts as a way for individuals and businesses to quickly identify documents in a way that communicates their urgency.

While they’re useful in providing an easy way for others to identify your documents, a classic seal also gives an impression of professionalism, class and authoritativeness that can prompt others to respond to your letters sooner.

 Get the Best Rubber Stamps from Dial A Stamp

Whether you’re on the hunt for a personalised rubber stamp to add more professionalism to your business documents or you simply want to add more utility to your home office, Dial A Stamp is committed to helping customers across Australia with all their stamping needs. Use the form on our website to organise a free proof and quote, or call us now on 1300 274 244.

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