Frugal Living Aboard a Sailboat

If you like, or think you’d enjoy, the liberty that living aboard a sailboat provides you with… You’ll be pleased whenever you uncover that living aboard a sailboat doesn’t need lots of money.

We resided on the sailboat within the Caribbean for eight wonderful many we all know how little it is.

Let us compare what you will spend living inside a house versus living inside a sailboat.

Rather of the loan payment or rent… Presuming your boat is compensated for… You’ve eliminated these expenses… Anchoring is free of charge remember.

Let us take a look at commuting costs… Your vehicle requires fuel, maintenance and also the cost to insure it. The strain of driving in traffic… You can place a cost with that if you want.

If you reside on the boat your “commute”, is substituted with what it really costs you to definitely operate your dinghy… Should you row your dinghy your price of commuting or zero, plus you receive the exercise.

For those who have an outboard motor in your dinghy, your cost for gasoline are minimal compared to a gas hungry vehicle helping you achieve and from work. No tollbooths around the water.

What about clothing costs? Suits,dress shirts, ties, belts,, dresses, blouses, leather footwear are substituted with an periodic new T-shirt go swimming trunks or straw beach hat. Waterproof sandals for the footwear don’t require shining.

Healthcare costs, a minimum of within our experience of someplace sunny and warm, are vastly less expensive than the price of healthcare in america. Most live aboard cruisers are self-insured and purchase a physician visit or dental professional visit when needed.

For example, teeth cleaning is conducted in foreign countries through the dental professional themself or herself…the price? a maximum of $30.

Whenever you combine because you breathe outdoors when living on the boat 24 hrs each day 7 days per week…you will get all the advantages of outside living.

Modern sailboats use 12 V electricity to operate the refrigerator, lighting along with other functions that will demand costly utilities when living inside a house…on the sailboat you’re living from the grid, your power provided by solar power panels and/or perhaps a wind turbine… Not just is making your personal power cheap, the sun’s rays the wind have the freedom, it’s a very eco-friendly method of living too.

Land transportation costs… Rather of automobiles using their natural cost in the above list… You utilize public transit, buses and taxis… Within the Caribbean the price for public transit varies from seven cents in Venezuela to 1 dollar within the U . s . States Virgin Islands.

Entertainment and dining expenses…you will find very little five-star dining establishments within the Caribbean… You replace elegant dining having a dish of fresh fish and vegetables offered inside a beach restaurant with sand floors.

Frugal living on the sailboat is really a bonus… The actual plus of moving from the home to some sailboat may be the stress-free lifestyle and freedom that the live aboard cruiser enjoys.

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