How To Remove Paint From Different Surfaces

When you are bored with your home decor painting, you can give it a completely new look simply by applying a new coat of paint. It is an easy and time-efficient task. Choose the best paint for your home available in the market to give the interiors a premium look. However, once you finish painting, you must remember that your task is still not over. A lot of spills and splatters are caused while panting. As a result, various areas in the house get stained. You must remove the stain completely to ensure that the interiors appear appealing. Mentioned below are the various ways by interior design service providers you can remove paint from different places:

01 of 04 Removing paint from glass

If you are painting with the best paint for your home near your windows, the chances are that there might be splatters on the glass. You must remove the splatters from the glass so that you can see through the window glass clearly. Also, splatters of paint will make the interiors appear very unappealing. However, you must not worry as the paint splatter on the glass can be removed. Just be careful not to scratch the glass. All you need is dish soap and a razor blade. Create a dish soap and water solution and dab it on the glass with a sponge. Wait for a few minutes and then carefully scrape the paint off with the razor blade, holding it at a 45-degree angle. If the glass dries while working, dab it with the sponge again.

02 of 04 Removing paint from countertop

Interior design service providers ask people to stay very careful while painting the wall above the countertop, as it can get stained. Make sure you remove the paint splatter after finishing painting. It can be a tough and difficult task to remove the paint. People often end up damaging the countertop. The best way to remove them is by applying a thin coat of olive oil to that area. Now, you will have to rub the area with a dry piece of cloth until the stains disappear. In case you failed to get rid of a few stubborn spots, wrap that piece of cloth around a plastic knife and then carefully scrape them off with the knife. Once the stains are removed, clean the area with a dry rag.

03 of 04 Removing paint from carpet

If you splatter a little bit of the best paint for your home on your carpet by mistake, do not worry. Just clean the carpet as soon as you do it. Removing paint splatter from a carpet is easy, as long as the paint is wet. Just get a few paper towels or a dry piece of cloth and rub the carpet clean. If you feel that the paint is sticking, apply some glycerin on the towels and try cleaning. It will loosen the paint and make it easier for you to remove paint from the carpet. However, if you cannot get rid of the stains with glycerin, apply white vinegar or nail polish remover to the paper towels and just rub the paint stains with them. You can find a few cleaning solutions in the market for this task as well.

04 of 04 Removing paint from tiles

Tiles are popularly used in homes for flooring. You may spill a few drops of paint on your tiles while your home decor painting. In most cases, you will be able to easily remove paint stains from tiles. However, if you have linoleum or vinyl floors, removing the paint stains can be a little difficult. This is because the chances of damaging the floor are very high. Create a mixture of dish soap and warm water and then apply it to the stained areas. Make sure you apply plenty, and then gently remove the stains using a plastic scraper. You may have to rub alcohol on the stained area if it gets difficult to get rid of the stains. Just make sure that you do not add too much and leave it for a long time, as your floor can get damaged. Liquid floor wax can be used for stains as well.

5/9 Removing paint from wood

Removing paint from wood can prove to be more difficult than removing paint from most surfaces. This is because wood can get damaged. If you are using latex paint in your home, you can remove the stains with denatured alcohol and a clean piece of cloth. However, you must remember removing the paint stains can take a lot of time. If you are using oil-based paint, the best way to get rid of the spatters is by using mineral spirits. However, make sure that you do not apply a lot of it to the wood. Otherwise, wood can get damaged. Once the paint splatters are removed, clean the area with clean water and dry it properly. If you end up discolouring the wood during the cleaning process by mistake, use a wood finish repair pen for touch-up.

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