Making Your Small Place Feel Like a Big Space

No matter what type of small space you may have, there are a lot of simple yet effective techniques you can use to make that space feel much bigger. An example is altering the colors, textures and patterns of your home. Changing the overall design is a fundamental way to affect how people will feel in it.

Using a monochromatic color palette, for example, will make a room feel more airy and open, compared to a room with loads of contrast. Accenting your room with light fabric curtains and furniture with long, thin legs will also add to the impression that your place is bigger than it really is. Decorating your walls with striped elements will guide the eye horizontally or vertically to creating the feeling of additional height or width, as well.

The accompanying guide contains many more ideas on how to make your small place feel like a big space. Apply them to your home and it will feel much closer to the dream space you’ve always wanted.

Small Place Big Space from Downtown Apartment Company, a Chicago Penthouse Rental Company

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