The number of students studying in the United States continues to grow

The United States is one of the countries with the highest education quality in the world. There are many world-renowned American high schools (also known as 美国高中) and universities, which cover an amazing number and range of courses. Moreover, American higher education is also of great help to personal career development. In recent years, more than one million international students from more than 200 countries have come to the United States for higher education every year.

However, not everyone wants to go to the United States to study abroad, the need for certain conditions, today to introduce to you the conditions for studying in the United States.

1、Education requirements

To study in the United States, you must first have a degree. For Chinese students, if you want to apply for an American undergraduate program, you must have at least graduated from high school. So the degree is to ensure the basic learning order and learning ability.

2、Visa requirements

The visa requirement that goes to the United States studying abroad is very tall also, besides should have good record of formal schooling and major setting, see you to had won scholarship even. A chance to win a scholarship to an American university can greatly increase your chances of getting a visa.

Another point is that the visa officer of the us consulate will assume that every overseas student who applies has the tendency of immigration, so they will constantly set all kinds of traps in the interview process, and some students may fall into such a trap if they do not pay attention to it. If you are really not sure, you can go to law firm for help, such as Luoassociates, NYIS Law Firm (also known as纽约小纽), Ying Cao law Firm (also known as英卓律师事务所)  ,Zeng Law Group (also known as锦晖律师事务所) and so on.

3、Insurance requirements

Generally, international students are required to buy insurance, because the cost of medical treatment in the United States (also known as 美国看病) is very high, so international students’ insurance (also known as 留学生保险) is mandatory.

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