Understanding the Importance of Having a Strong School Curriculum

Finding the right school for your child is always a challenge. Sometimes you can send them to where their friends are, while other times this is not enough. If you are unsure about a specific school, you should always take a good look at its curriculum. A strong curriculum is vitally important and if a school does not have one, students will fall behind.

Most Parents Do Not Know About the School’s Curriculum

You will be surprised to know that most parents know nothing about their school’s curriculum. Their children could be in the best international school in Bangkok and know little about what they study. As a parent, it is your responsibility to evaluate the curriculum of a school to ensure you are getting the best education for your kids.

If you know nothing about a school’s curriculum, yet you are interested in sending your kids to that school, there are two easy ways to find out.

  • Online – Most schools will have the type of curriculum they follow on their website. Once you learn about the curriculum, you can then do more research to see if this suits your needs and the needs of your child.
  • Speaking to the School – If you cannot find the curriculum on their website, you can contact the school and ask for information about their academic programme.

A curriculum comprises all of the materials and experiences used to teach students in the school. This includes textbooks, internships, projects, and more.

Why Does Having a Good Curriculum Matter?

If we take a look at countries such as Thailand, you will see that the curriculum varies from school to school. In a public school, the curriculum is set by the Ministry of Education. This does not differ from school to school and all public schools will have the same programme.

There is a lot of research that shows that a well-crafted curriculum is a critical factor in a student’s academic success. When a school shifts from a weak curriculum to a proven international curriculum there are significant gains in learning.

When choosing a school for your kids, it is important to consider the curriculum. If you are thinking of sending them to an international school, you should find out about their academic programme online or through a school representative. International schools in Thailand follow a range of curricula, stemming from countries such as the UK, Australia, USA, Singapore, and Canada.

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