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5 Care Points To Remember After Embryo Transfer In ICSI Treatment          

In spite of how emotional ICSI treatment is, with hope and care, it is so beautiful. One of the major days in the complete ICSI procedure is embryo transfer. As you follow your doctor’s instructions and take the medications as prescribed, and live a healthy lifestyle with proper care and healthy meals, you will then be ready for the embryo transfer phase.

Now you need to take extra care of yourself – your health needs to be your priority. You need to take a break from regular heavy work schedules and relax a bit for some days. Along with these, we have gathered some of the basic five care points that you need to remember after an embryo transfer in the ICSI treatment.

  • Put yourself on priority – Take extra care of yourself, pamper!

Now the embryo is ready and will get transferred in a few days. Hence, it is high time when you need to relax and think good thoughts. If possible, take a break from your regular working schedule and avoid any kind of stress. You can get back to these things very soon but now what is important is you. Once the embryo is transferred, you can do small activities like walking in a park for a while, enjoying some meals (which need to be healthy) that you like, and watching your favourite movie or series. You don’t need to have bed rest; it is just that you don’t get indulged in the heavy duties that you used to do.

  • Don’t forget your medications:

It is super important, and you can’t miss it by any chance. Take your medicines on time as it is prescribed by your doctor. Set an alarm if needed, but don’t risk it. Give your spouse a duty to make you remember every time you need to take meds.

  • Try to avoid the temptation of taking the pregnancy test:

It is so true that sometimes waiting can be a little hard, but you need to give yourself enough time, as it is mentioned by your doctor. Since if you keep on taking the pregnancy test very soon, then maybe it can demotivate you. Follow the time as it is mentioned by your doctor after that to take a pregnancy test. Control this temptation earlier.

  • Try to avoid having sex for a little while:

Your pelvic region needs rest after the embryo transfer. Hence you need to avoid sexual activities for a little while after this phase, and your doctor will instruct you regarding the same.

  • Avoid stress and trouble completely.

Make a distance from any stressful or troublesome activity you are facing earlier. It can have a negative impact on your health. In case if you feel something is not right in your body during the ICSI treatment, consult your doctor right away.

These are some of the tips that you can consider during the complete ICSI treatment. Just make sure you take extra care of yourself after the embryo transfer. Make yourself a top priority. In case if you feel anything wrong emotionally or physically, you can consult any fertility centre in Delhi.

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