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7 Relaxing Activities That Also Improve Fitness

There are a number of activities that can improve fitness. Running, surfing, and rock climbing are good examples, being activities that are not only exciting but also physically demanding, enough so that they help many get into the shape they want. However, such levels of exertion are not for everybody.

Thankfully, there are a number of relaxing activities that can also bring about fitness benefits too. These more low-impact workouts and hobbies can help to develop an individual’s physical fitness while also encouraging them to slow down, consider their wellness and, ultimately, relax. Here are seven of the best.


Whether you prefer to swim in the wild or at your local pool, swimming is perhaps one of the most well-regarded low-impact activities, being accessible to many. While the act of swimming is easy to pick up, being only as challenging as individuals seek to make it, many find being in water helps to reduce stress, especially if it is also outdoors.


Conquering trails is a fulfilling way to explore a wild environment while also testing your own fitness. Depending on your selected route, you may have to navigate different terrains and inclines, both of which are conducive to improved fitness and strengthening the body, while also immersing you in the respite of a natural environment.


Mounting a board and paddling out onto a serene lake or stunning seafront is a wonderfully appealing experience, which is why stand-up paddleboarding has become one of the most popular recreational watersports in North America. In addition to relaxation, it also offers a number of health benefits, which make it a great activity for both physical and mental health.


Perhaps the most well-known and widely celebrated activity that merges physical fitness with relaxation, yoga remains popular for good reason. Improving flexibility and core strength, as well as joints and muscles, yoga also offers practitioners the opportunity to center themselves and destress.


Whether cycling becomes a part of your daily routine, taking you from A to B, or it becomes a hobby that sees you exploring landscapes and taking journeys far and wide, it can be an excellent way to unwind and relax while still challenging your body and improving stamina.

Tai Chi

Traditionally popular among the elderly for the benefits it brings to joints and fitness, tai chi is now being adopted by the younger generations too, as a way to meditate in motion, merging gentle physical activity with mental wellness. The activity has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and even improve mood.


Pilates is a contemporary activity that seeks to improve muscle strength and muscle control. There are a number of classes available across the country and many find that each session not only allows them to work up a gentle sweat but also to better connect with their body and mind. Additionally, much like yoga and tai chi, while pilates can be performed at home or in a studio, it can also be enjoyed outdoors too.

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