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Commode Chairs – The Best Bathroom Safety Aid for the Elderly

The bathroom safety aspect is something which is usually overlooked in every household. But practically if you see, the bathroom safety is crucial for many reasons like to prevent falls and slips, build a risk-free place for the elderly and disabled persons, help the patients maintain stability and mobility, provides a secure place for the disabled and elderly people. A commode in the form of a bedside toilet or chair is an essential part of any bathroom which is designed to simplify the day-to-day routine of the elderly people, disabled patients, weak patients or post-stroke patients. There are several models and brand available. Some are fixed, some have wheels, some are folding, and some are light in weight while some have adjustable height. You can use them on top of the toilet bowl or anywhere that is convenient for the user. You can use hygiene bags with along with it that are designed in such a way that the biological wastes especially the fluid into a gel so that it can be disposed of easily. Find more details on

Benefits of using a commode chair

There are several benefits of using a commode toilet chair few of which are:

  • Reduces dependency – Whenever someone is suffering from loss of autonomy he or she tries to be independent to the maximum extent when it comes to personal hygiene and intimacy. By using a commode chair you can do your job without even going to the toilet alone.
  • Safe – In people who suffer from loss of mobility or autonomy, the risk of falling is very high. The use of a commode chair reduces this risk as it requires minimum traveling. The support bars also adds to the stability.
  • Easily transportable – Some models are folding and can be easily stored in the cupboard when not in use.

Name of few products

Certhealth, which has been into this business for almost two decades, provides you with some of the best items when it comes to commode toilet chair. Some of the products are as follows:

  • Commode Chair Folding Bedside Commode Seat w/Splash Guard and Adjustable Legs – This folding commode chair has a bucket with a lid along with a splash guard. It is made of medical grade molded plastic which can be cleaned and maintained easily. The push-button mechanism lets you easily adjust the height. The armrests are made of slip-free plastic handlebars that not only ensure comfort but also give good grip. The legs are fitted with a slip-resistant tip. The product weighs about 10 pounds and has a capacity to carry 250 pounds. The fact that it can be disassembled helps you to transport it easily and later you can assemble it without using any tools.
  • Commode Pail W/Lid 7″ Quart – This spacious commode pail is made of durable medical grade plastic that provides long-lasting service. This latex-free material is extremely safe for asthma and allergic patients. It comes with a splash guard and steel handle which makes it extremely easy to use. You can easily slip it onto the commode and take off for the cleaning.

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